About Helayne Waldman

Helayne Waldman

About Helayne Waldman

Dr. Helayne Waldman, ED.D., M.S., CNE, is a holistic health educator who specializes  in providing nutritional support for those with breast cancer.  Helayne received  her doctorate from the University of San Francisco, her Master’s Degree from  the University of Albany, and her certificate in holistic nutrition (750 hours of study) at Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition.  She’s spent the past seven years teaching her clients, her students and the general public about the importance of healthy eating with passion and flair, and recently completed (with Dr. Ed Bauman) the long awaited Whole Food Guide for Breast Cancer Survivors, a guide to living well before and after a cancer diagnosis  Dr. Waldman has been teaching for over 25 years — at San Francisco State University, Mills College, St. Mary’s College, Helskinki School of Economics and Business Administration and at Bauman College. She is currently an adjunct faculty member at John F. Kennedy University.

Dr. Waldman has written for several publications and online sites including a regular column for the the Hills Newspaper Group, as well as the Examiner, Green Medicine Info, the Pink Paper and others, and has spoken and exhibited at conferences nationwide. She is currently a board member with the Annie Appleseed Organization, a member of the Survivorship Committee at Alta Bates-Summit Hospital, and a nutrition consultant to Bay Area Breast Surgeons.  A sought after speaker both locally and nationally, Dr. Waldman relies on a  blend of passion and research to inform all of her work.

Find her at www.wholefoodguideforbreastcancer.com or on Facebook at Whole Food Guide for Breast Cancer.  Interested clients may want to review her practice website at www.turning-the-tables.com



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  2. I just listened to your Health and Nutrition Conference talk online. I am a three-time breast cancer survivor. I had cancer 20 years ago – it was HR2 (stage 2). I had surgery, chemo, but no radiation. I began to work with alternative doctors doing hair analysis and taking supplements. I have tried many different diets. Seven years ago I had breast cancer again, but this time it was hormonally receptive and stage 4. I took Femara and continued to work with alternative practitioners. When I stopped the Femara, after five years, the cancer returned. Then I started on Aromasin and the cancer went into remission. However, these drugs have caused bone loss and osteoporosis. The oncologist wants me to take shots (Faslodex) which are painful shots with bad side effects. i would rather fight this nutritionally and I am working with a nutritionist. I would like to know what you would suggest as a treatment strategy. I will be ordering your book to discover more insights. I think that my diet is helpful, but I do struggle with inflammation and not sure what I am eating or doing to cause it. I would love to Skype if you have the time. I am grateful for any help you may offer.

    • Hi Donna,

      I am not a licensed practitioner and therefore cannot offer “treatments”, and unfortunately cannot offer individual advice to those who are not my clients. I encourage you to sign up for our Facebook page for lots of great information on new studies, foods, nutrients, recipes, etc. and if you would like to Skype, please contact me at hwaldman@turning-the-tables.com. I’d be delighted to help.

      So sorry for the late reply – this section of the Website is not monitored regularly but the “contact us” feature is.

      All the best,
      Helayne Waldman

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