About Ed Bauman

Edward BaumanEdward M. Bauman, M.Ed, PhD, is the founder and executive director of Bauman College: Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts.  He has been a guiding light in the field of holistic health and nutrition for the past 40 years.   He is a groundbreaking leader in the field of whole foods nutrition, holistic health, and community health promotion, working to bring his Eating for Health approach to community agencies and clinical health care settings. Bauman is the creator of the Eating for Healthsystem, and an author of several empowering self-care books such as the Whole Food Guide to Breast Cancer Survival with Helayne Waldman,  Ed.D, and the Flavors of Health Cookbook with Lizette Marx, NC.


Eating for Health Diagram

Eating for Health chart

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