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Millions of breast cancer survivors have two things in common: a renewed gratitude for their good health and a recharged commitment to taking care of their bodies.

The Whole-Food Guide for Breast Cancer Survivors is an integrative, whole foods guide to rebuilding health after surviving breast cancer and reducing the chance of breast cancer recurrence. This guide helps readers get the nutrition they need in order to keep breast cancer at bay, with specific guidance for managing hormone levels with food. It also explains how nutritional deficiencies, environmental factors, blood sugar, inflammation levels and GI health all affect cancer’s ability to attack the body. Using holistic health and nutrition leader Edward Bauman’s Eating for Health model, readers learn to eat for health in order to starve cancer and enjoy stronger, healthier bodies.


  1. I am a Stage IIIb breast cancer ‘survivor’, having healed myself through organic nutrition. I am very interested in reading your entire book. However, having read the first 4 pages of Chapter 2, I see lots of typos and other editing errors in the text.

    I also happen to be a professional copyeditor and would be willing to copyedit the text of your book for a fee of $30/hr and a copy of the book (I’ll give you a half-hour of editing at no charge).

    • Thanks, Roxann, for your email. Fortunately, my publisher had an eagle eye copy editor, so whatever errors might have been in the manuscript have all been “flushed” from the book!

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